Te-Ashi-Do Karate, Epping

Advanced JuniorsHello and welcome to our web site where you can find information about our Karate classes (Epping, Theydon Bois, Loughton, and Nazeing) for adults and children using the class time table, keep up-to-date with information on the latest news page and view club photos on the gallery page.

Te-Ashi-Do Karate is a style based on Wado-Ryu Karate, a fast, evasive style suitable to all body types which uses an opponent’s size and aggression against themselves; it also uses the powerful low kicks from Kyokushinkai with the locks and throws of Jujitsu.

Whatever your age, size or sex you will benefit from training at Te-Ashi-Do Karate, it will improve your fitness, flexibility, strength and confidence as well as give you tried and tested self-defence techniques. Our fully qualified instructors have many years’ experience and are all CBR checked, they will help you to achieve your goals. Progression can be judged by the belt system we use for grading tests. Beginners start at white belt and work towards black belt using the Te-Ashi-Do syllabus which is designed to take you gradually through the belts in a progressive manor until you achieve your goal, we have many mums and dads that have started out to encourage their children and have gone on to gain their black belt and now we have many at 2nd Dan and above.

Karate is a fantastic discipline and one that you do all your life, there is so much to learn and study – it has no boundary’s, you will never stop learning.

To book a class contact us today or if you wish to ask any questions – we look forward to seeing you.


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